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Our expertise

We can accompany you through your drug discovery and development process by offering you our expertise in translational, experimental, and molecular pathology

The consulting may include discussions on study protocol and design, the choice of species, strains or animal models, groups and dose selection, selection of most appropriate controls, the choice of route of injection, additional examinations, the type of sample, method of sampling, the definition of raw data, the conditions of anesthesia and euthanasia.

Consulting is intended for researchers unfamiliar with the practice of experimental pathology as well as to scientists in need to expand their knowledge in translational pathology. It allows to quickly have an overview of the possibilities offered by the different disciplines that can intervene in the conduct of the study.

Sciempath Labo can also offer a critical review of reports, expert review of histolopathological data, and strategic counsel in order to optimize your drug development program.

We can also offer to you and your scientific staff, a personalized training focused on your needs in:

-Human or animal histology
-Physiology / pathophysiology

We can also carry out training on anatomopathological techniques allowing you to optimize methods used prior to histological sampling.
The training could take place on Biodoxis site or in your facilities.