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Molecular Pathology


molecular pathology

As expert in molecular pathology, Sciempath Labo is your scientific partner from protocol development to data reporting and interpretation. Samples used in preclinical or clinical studies are various (organs, species…), we validate with you a complete scientific approch in order to answer to your specific problematic. Our pathologists are your scientific partners for all your studies.

Whether to define and describe the nature of the injuries, differentiate samples of healthy groups from treated groups or explore and understand the pathogenesis of a specific disease, microscopic analysis should be oriented to refine the relevance of the analysis. That’s why the set-up of the study is made by a pathologist to ensure the reliability and increase significance of results.

In addition to help you reaching objectives of a study, Sciempath Labo delivers all analyses and results in the form of tabulated raw data, accompanied by a representative and commented iconography illustrating the observations and conclusions of the study report.

At the end of each study an oral presentation can be made at the request of the researcher. This presentation will focus on the progress, results, challenges and a discussion surrounding prospective follow-up experiments based on the results.

Study case preclinical

Animal model study

-transgenic mice
-KO mice
-Xenografts (human tumors transplanted in animals)
⇒ Establishment / monitoring
⇒ characterization (morphology, IHC and biomarkers)
⇒ Relationship with human pathology


Confirm the promises of a drug candidate

Characterization of animal models used during lead optimization

Biocompatibility and toxicology

Identify the toxic effects of a product
Characterize the toxic effect and describe the molecular mechanism
On animals or human samples

Clinical data interpretation


Study case Clinical trials:

-Therapeutic antibody testing on patient sample
-IHC companion diagnostic protocol design
-IHC panel set up: characterization of biomarkers expression in tissue