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Molecular histology plateform

Sciempath Labo: Our technology platform offers

The Histological preparation of your samples:
  • Histology on FFPE samples (Formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded samples)
  • Histology on Frozen samples
  • Resin-embedded samples
  • Readily available embedded samples
  • Fully automated protocols
  • In-house protocol development for each antibody tested
  • Protocols, labelling and controls validated by a pathologist

Sciempath Labo has a catalog of antibodies for which technical development has already been completed for a number of organs and for which its expertise ensures quality results. Moreover, for innovative antibody Sciempath Labo also proposes to achieve the optimization of IHC protocols before the completion of the study of tissues of interest. With strong partnerships with tissues banks, Sciempath Labo could provide all the positive control tissues (human and animal).

At your request, we can also realize immunofluorescence or multiplex immunohistochemistry.

Sciempath Labo can work with the Dako Link 48 allowing high throughput immunohistochemistry process or Ventana Discovery XT. If needed we have GLP services partners equipped with Ventana Ultra Automaton.

Sciempath Labo is CIR certified (Research Tax Credit/Credit Impot Recherche).