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Who we are

Sciempath Labo: Molecular pathology expert

Sciempath Labo (previously Biodoxis) is a company specialized in molecular pathology, created in 2000 to provide expertise in tissue analysis using molecular pathology approaches supporting experimental and translational research.

We provide scientific and technical expertise to support your projects through the entire drug development process.
Our pathologists and project managers are available to set up investigative and translational pathology studies based on your needs.

With both experience of Dr Virgile Richard (DVM, PhD, DES Vet.Path.) and Dr Jacques Bosq (MD), Sciempath Labo has an integrated competence in biology and histopathology for human and translational research.

Our mission is to provide expertise in molecular pathology: molecular histopathology combined to biochemistry, genetics and proteomic are necessary to understand molecular alterations and responses to drug therapies.